How to Prevent Global Warming

Introduction: How to Prevent Global Warming

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In the picture above, 3 bears walk across cracked sea ice. Global warming is becoming a problem because the ice in the Arctic is slowly melting and the polar bears will soon be left without their icy home. You wouldn't like it if your home just melted away, would you? Remember global warming is totally our fault. Here is a list of stuff you can do to help slow down global warming.

Step 1: Use Less Electricity

•Turn off the light when you leave the room
•Do not crank your heating or cooling on high
•Make sure you have tight windows, doors, and walls so air doesn't leak
•Turn off the TV unless you are actually watching

Step 2: Go Green

If possible, get "green electricity". This kind of electricity comes from wind and solar power. This type of electricity does not add to global warming!

Step 3: Ways to Get Around

If you usually get picked up after school or ride the bus, try walking or riding a bike instead! It helps with global warming and it's good exercise too! You should also walk or ride a bike wherever possible: the library, the gym, anywhere that's within about 1-5 miles.

Step 4: Writing Letters

If you really want to help, you can write to senators and representatives in congress! Tell them you're worried about global warming and see if there is anything they can do to help slow it down. It could be making cars with better gas mileage, hybrid engines, or all electric cars.

Step 5: Please Help Save the Polar Bears Home!!

It really isn't that hard to walk a couple miles or turn off the TV. So please try to help a little and save the polar bears icy home! They will thank you and so will I.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you for doing your part to help this problem.

    I hope there are a lot more like you out there.