How to Stay Dry When You Forget Your Rain Fly




Introduction: How to Stay Dry When You Forget Your Rain Fly

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Imagine being in a tent under this. Well I was about to experience that one night with a borrowed tent until I rigged up this little guy. An on-the-fly rain fly!

Step 1: A Few Things You'll Need If You Forgot Your Rainfly

1 tarp or sheet of plastic... Or tablecloth
A length of string or paracord
4+ Small stones

Step 2: Wrap a Corner of the Tarp Around the Stone and Tie It in Thar

Yeah. It's that simple. It also keeps you from ruining your perfectly hole-less tablecloth!

Step 3: Sleep Comfortably Knowing That You Won't Have an In-tent Waterfall

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    5 years ago

    Outdoor ingenuity is the best! I always like solving problems with the materials that I have here and now. Great job!