How To: Vintage Pin Up Makeup

Introduction: How To: Vintage Pin Up Makeup

Hi hi!

Here is the full tutorial including all steps and a voiceover to explain the entire proces.
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Step 1: Starting Off

if you're really going all the way in you can start with some vintage/pin up clothing.
The dress i'm wearing here is a pencil skirt dress from Hellbunny.
i already painted my nails with little polka dots.

For your face; start off with a clean and primed face

Step 2: The Base

If needed put concealer under your eyes and around your nose area.
if you have any blemishes you can conceal them with green concealer.

After that i'm putting on my foundation by the Bodyshop with a foundation brush.
Make sure to set your foundation with some powder unless you want it to slide of your face

this shot if sadly out of focus, and i dont know why :(

Step 3: Highlight and Contour

All the lovely pin up girls have beautifully shaped faces.

to recreate that i'm going to highlight and contour my face to bring out certain areas.

Im putting highlighter on the bridge of my nose, a little on my forhead, my cheekbones and a bit above my cupid's bow to emphasize my lips.

i'm contouring under my cheekbones, around my jawline to make it look more prominent (get rid of that double chin ) and a bit around my face since most pin up girls look pretty bronzed.

Step 4: Adding Blush

blush is a feature that can't be missed!

apply a generous coat of blush in between your highlight and contour.
Most people add blush just on the apples of the cheek and sometimes it makes you look like a clown.
therefore, drag your blush a little backwards, more towards the ear.

make sure to blend it out so it looks a little natural

Step 5: A Little More Highlight (pretty Optional)

if you like you can add some more highlight.

I added a little bit extra just on the tip of my nose and on my cheekbones to emphasize those a bit more.
I used a baked highlighter for this which also gives your skin a nice glow

Step 6: Fill in Your Brows

Fill in your brows a little to make them more full.
if you're eyebrows are not as arched and high as those pin up girls have, you can (like i did here) concentrate on filling in the front part of your brow, and focus less on the arch and tail

Step 7: A Little Bit of Eyeshadow

to prevent overkill or looking like a drag queen, it's probably the best to go for a natural eye look.

For this i used brown and skin toned eyeshadows in the crease, and a champagne color on the eyelid.

Step 8: The Sexy Cat Eye

this is also a must have in your pin up look.

the famous winged, cat eyeliner.
begin at the inner corner of your eye and extend the line towards the end of your eye.
from up there start going up to create the wing.
drag the line back down and fill in your wing.
you can thicken up the line from the inner corner of your eye, to the end (end is the thickest)

Step 9: Add False Lashes and Mascara

False lashes are optional but they can glamorize your eyes hella good.
if you're not a fan of false lashes you can just add a generous coat of mascara on both upper and lower lashes.

Step 10: Red Lipstick

Most pin up girls i've seen are rocking the red lip.

For this i lined my lips first, and then added a matte liquid lipstick

Step 11: Finish

Finish all your makeup with a setting spray so it stays on all day :)

Step 12: The Complete Look!

Yaay! you made it to the end of this instructable

Here is a photo of the complete look!

Hope you liked this makeup <3

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