Introduction: How to Write Gallifreyen

Many people watch doctor who, whether they are fans or not. In this instructable, I will show you the basics of writing Circular Gallifreyen.
So keep reading and enjoy ;)

Step 1: The Alphabet

The alphabet is, in a way, a bunch of lines, dots and circles. In the image associated with this step there are a few examples. The 'H' is a small circle with two horizontal lines extruding out of it.

However, the 'E' and 'O' are plain circles that look the same. But this isn't true, the 'O' seems to float above the 'Word Circle'

The 'L' is an example of the dots I mentioned. It is like the 'O' but has three small 'Dots' inside of it.

Now finally the 'T' and 'R' are like small grooves but these are a part of the Word Circle, but the 'R' has three dots that float near the outside of the groove.

Step 2: How Its Written

Each letter we write is placed onto a Word circle. The arrangement of the word is important too. When we write in Gallifreyen, we write from the bottom centre of the Word circle, that is also at the bottom of the 'Sentence line' and we add each letter in a Counter Clockwise fashion, the same goes for when we add a new word. However, Paragraph Lines are used to write a paragraph. You write these from right to left and top to bottom. The image is my example of a simple speech.

Step 3: Spell the Word 'Hello'

Before you start you will need to create a sentence container (just a circle big enough to contain your sentence).

Now we are prepared,
First you would need to put the letter 'H' at the bottom of your word circle.

Then you would rotate a suitable space around the word circle and add the letter 'E' and rotate again.

Now, to do the double 'L' you will have to double it up. To do this just draw the first circle of the 'L' and put another circle inside of it. Now you can put the 3 dots inside.

Finally you rotate again and finish with the 'O'.

To add other words you just create another word circle and make sure to create the new word inside of your sentence circle, unless you are starting a new sentence. In which case you will need to draw another sentence circle on the left of the first sentence. (As seen I my example from the previous step).

Step 4: Admire or Share Your Art Work.

The corresponding image to this step is the full gallifreyen alphabet.

Remember: On characters like 'I' 'Q' or 'V' etc. you will need to extend there symbol lines until you reach the Sentence Circle.

Admire the sentences that you create, or use this in school or college Etc as messages to friends that teachers can not read. Looks like you won't get a detention for talking in class. but don't do this too often.