Introduction: How Tu Cut an Avocado Without Ending Up in a Hospital

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Cutting an avocado can be something very extreme if you don't know how to do it the right way. Follow this steps to make it easily and avoid any wounds.

Step 1: You'll Need..

A ripe avocado

Sharp chef knife

*Always cut a ripe avocado. The ones that are green are harder and make it more difficult to cut ant take the seed off.

Step 2: Cut Around

You have to cut the avocado horizontally. Introduce the knife in one side. Hold the avocado with the other hand and spin it making the cut all around it. Take the knife out when both sides meet.

Step 3: Open

To open the avocado hold each side with one hand and twist them in opposite direction. Separate the sides.

Step 4: Seed Off

To take the seed off you'll have to hold the part that has the seed in your hand and with the other hand make a firm movement down with the knife so that it gets into the seed. Twist it and take it out.

Step 5: Ready!

Now your avocado is ready to be used in your food. To take the pulp out you can use a spoon.

Enjoy it in a delicious guacamole or just in a sandwich!

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