Introduction: How to BEAT the HEAT!!

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Those hot summer days always seem to last forever. With temperatures rising, I found some tips and tricks to have the coolest summer ever!

Step 1: Cool Down With Cool Water

Important pressure points that will help your body stay cool during the summer are the soles of your feet.

Fill a bowl or a basin with cold water and ice cubes, then dip your feet in.

Step 2: Light Clothes

We've all heard that we shouldn't wear black clothing during a heat wave because this will attract the heat, but it actually all depends on the fitting.

Stay cool with light loose and light clothing.

Step 3: A Light Spray

Keep a spray bottle filled with water in the fridge. When you come inside from the heat, you can spray your face with the cold water. Its almost like a portable, personal sprinkler:)

Step 4: Eat Fresh Fruits

Try to eat a lot of salads and fresh fruits that contain water, like water melon, also try to stay away from foods like meat, these foods can increase metabolic heat production, and it also increases water loss.

Step 5: Keep the Sun Out

You can keep your blinds and shades closed to help keep the summer heat out. If the air gets tight there is no problem having the windows open underneath the blinds;)

Step 6: Cooling Burn

We all know that we have to apply after sun or Aloe Vera after we have been exposed for sun, but especially if you've been sunburnt this can hurt to put on.

Take a cupcake liner or a ice cube tray fill it with after sun or aloe vera, then put it in the freezer until you need it, and then the next time your sunburnt just pop it out and rub it over the spot. This is extremely cooling and refreshing, even if your not sunburnt.

Step 7: H2O Therapy

In the summer heat it is super important to drink water throughout the whole day! As you loose water due to dehydration, your body temperature will rise. By replacing those lost fluids you'll stay nice and cool, you can also change it up by adding some fruit in the water.

Step 8: The Popsicle Effect

A tasty tip to stay cool is eating cold foods. Stock your freezer with your favorite ice pop, or you can make your own!

Buy a popsicle tray at the store and fill it with your favorite drinks!

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