Introduction: How to Build Japanese Egg Tamagoyaki Lego Sushi

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Today I will be going over a tutorial on how to make a Tamagoyaki Japanese Egg Sushi out of Lego bricks. Tamago in Japanese means egg, and this is a common sushi that usually is included in every sushi pack that can be purchased in a supermarket in Japan.

How long will this build take?: 15-20 minutes

Difficulty level: Easy

Age Level: K-1st Grade


Lego Part 3004 x 4 Units Black

Lego Part 3004 x 2 Units Yellow

Lego Part 3003 x 2 Units Yellow

Lego Part 3001 x 2 Units Yellow

Lego Part 3023 x 3 Units White

Lego Part 3710 x 1 Units White

Lego Part 3795 x 3 Units White

Lego Part 11211 x 6 Units (Any Color)

Step 1: Parts Necessary

Listed the necessary Lego pieces for this project, but also wanted to provide something visual.

Step 2: Sushi Rice Base

Use a plate of 2 x 6 for the sushi rice base

Step 3:

Next use bricks with studs on one side on top of the sushi rice base. Any color is fine as it will later be covered by other pieces.

Step 4:

Include the studded bricks on both sides of the short ends as well.

Step 5: Sushi Rice Sides

Using the studded bricks, include two plates 1 x 2 and 2 x 4 to vertically snap the legos.

Step 6: Rice Texturing

Add some texturing to the rice by include a 1 x4 plate and a 1 x 2 lego plate

Step 7: Adding the Egg and Seaweed

On top of the sushi rice, layer with yellow bricks for the egg and the black bricks for the seaweed band and now your egg sushi is complete! Itadakimasu!!!!

Please leave a comment if you enjoyed this tutorial or have any thoughts about it! Arigatou!!!