Introduction: How to Build a Dollhouse Paper Model? #papercraft #diy

About: 1/24 dollhouse paper model

If you like to own a miniature dollhouse, but ..

  • you don't have the skill to build one.
  • you don't have enough time to make it.
  • you think the dollhouse in the store is too expensive.

There is a easy way to build a dollhouse with paper.

  • don't need to sawing, carving, grinding and painting ...
  • don't need special tools and skill
  • don't need to collect a lot of material
  • simple material : paper
  • easy to handmake
  • it's low cost & eco-friendly

All you need is ...

  • print the template on paper.
  • cut, fold, glue and assemble all the parts together.
  • step by step, you can build a dollhouse paper model by yourself.
  • you can also work together with your family to complete your family dollhouse.


  • Sample : Model A-000
  • Scale :1/24
  • Dimension : WxHxD = 20cm x 33cm x 20cm
  • Material : paper A4 (210mm x 297 mm); 150 gsm; 42 sheets.

Step 1: Features

Working Door and Window (fig.1)

  • Doors and windows are free to open and close.

Openable Wall (fig.2)

  • Each room has one side of wall can be opened.

Structured Design (fig.3)

  • Using tubular structural design, enhance the strength of the wall and the floor.

Modular Room Design (fig.4)

  • With standard dimension of wallpaper and floor, you can define the room as you wishes.

Floor Expandable (fig.5)

  • You can freely stack up the floor as your needs.

Step 2: Tools & Materials


  1. Cutting Mat : used to protect the desktop, also extending life of blade.
  2. Scissor : used to cut the irregular curve or simple outline of the larger pieces.
  3. Knife : for cutting small or complex parts pieces.
  4. Glue : white glue (PVAc).
  5. Glue stick : glue stick for large area stick.
  6. Ruler : used to scribing a long straight fold line.
  7. Tweeters : used to hold parts during gluing process.
  8. Scoring tool : a small round tip tool is used to scribing fold line. Such as inkless ballpoint pen.
  9. Double-sided tape : used to adhesive wallpaper. Tape width 6mm is recommended.
  10. Transparent film : used to imitate window glass. Film thickness 0.2mm or thinner is recommended.

Materials :

  • Paper Size : A4 (210mm x 297mm)
  • Paper Weight : 150gsm is recommended.

Step 3: Workflow


  • Scoring the fold line to dent the paper.


  • Cutting pieces align black outline line.

Fold & Glue

  • Glue the folded pieces together by instruction.


  • Assemble parts by part numbers and stick by instruction


- complete demo video -

Step 4: Resource

- Instruction file download -


- template file download -


- instruction demo video -


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Have Fun!

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