Introduction: How to Build a Lego BB8, With a Motorized Lego Platform

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Build your own Lego BB8, using (mostly) Lego Star Wars parts.

I must say that this droid became a bit of an obsession last year.

I made so many prototypes of BB-8, achieving different configurations.

I've really enjoyed to explore the potentiality of this droid, testing any possible feature. I came to the conclusion that my BB-8 Lego version is better than the other ones, simply because it offers different options.

The 1st one: the static model (perfect for playing, cheap and easy to build).

The 2nd one*: the manual rolling model (super exciting, because BB-8 rolls by hand).

*Please note that this version requires 2 stronger permanent magnets (10mmx1mm), you can put on top of the original ones.

The 3rd one: Ladies and gentlemen allow me to introduce the fully motorized platform for BB-8, built 100% with Lego parts (2 Lego 9V Micromotors, 1 Lego battery box and 2 Lego Electric Wires). BB-8 is a droid, therefore (looking at the definition of this word), it supposes to move by itself. 1 product, 3 possible configurations... beat that! :-)

Parts list:

1x (Planet) 75007-1 Republic Assault Ship & Planet Coruscant

1x 4624369 Dome Ø47.84 W. Combi Hinge

4x 2609 Magnet Holder Tile 2x2

4x 73092 Magnets

1x 2654 Black Plate, Round 2x2 with Rounded Bottom (Boat Stud)

4x 614126 Round Plate 1x1

10x 4073 / 6141 / 15570 Round Plate 1x1

5x 4032b Black Plate, Round 2x2 with Axle Hole - X Opening

1x 44567 Hinge Plate 1x2 Locking with Single Stub Vertical

2x 2419 / 43127 Plate 3x6 with 45º Corners

2x 32073 Axle 5

2x 3737 Axle 10

4x 32000 Technic Brick 1x2 with 2 Holes

6x 32064 Technic Brick

1x2 with Axle Hole (With 'X' Opening)

6x 32123 Bushes for Cross Axle 2x 3700 Technic Brick 1x2 with Hole

2x 3022 / 94148 Plate 2x2

2x 3710 Plate 1x4

1x 3020 Plate 2x4

2x 3795 Black Plate 2x6

3x 2378 / 73090 / 73843 Brick 2x6x 2 Weight with Plate Bottom

4x 2654 Light Gray Plate, Round 2 x 2 with Rounded Bottom (Boat Stud)

2x 3713 / 6590 Bushing

2x 9V Micromotors 5119-1 9849-1

4x 4288 Wheels Full Rubber Balloon

1x Battery Box 6482

2x Electric Wires 5306bc015

Step 1: Assembling the Internal "device"

As you can see, it's very easy, as long as you have all the parts listed in the previous step.

Please note that the part with all the studs 1x1 will be the back side of the internal device.

I forgot to mention that I've painted the dome (please do not crucify me :-).

If this project will reach 10,000 supporters, Lego will easily prints/paints that part.

Step 2: Motorized Unit

BB8 is a droid, therefore it supposes to roll by itself.

The motorized platform is very simple to build.

Basically 2 Lego micro motors spin 2 10 axles, which have 2 wheels each pivoted to them.

The Lego battery box contains a 9V PP3, that powers the motors.

Step 3: Here Comes BB8!

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