Introduction: How to Build a Step Stool

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In this guide we will teach you how to build an easy step stool that is easy to take apart and rebuild.


Step 1: Measure & Cut

The first step is measuring and cutting the pipes we need. We recommend this metal pipe and tube cutter.

We need:

  • (6) 24" pipes
  • (2) 20" pipes

Step 2: (Optional) Add Shrink Wrap

If you decide to use shrink wrap add it now with a heat gun.

Step 3: Add the Rubber Feet to the Bottom of 4 of the 24" Pipes

Simply slide the rubber feet to the bottom of the pipes to keep from scratching the floor when using the stool. They also keep it from sliding when using.

Step 4: Connect the Vertical Pipes

Add the last two 24" pipes long ways in the front and back. Then add the two 20" pipes on the sides.

Step 5: Secure the Wooden Board

Use the one hole straps to secure the top to the stool.