Introduction: How to Build an Easy Compost Bin

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Composting is a great recycling mechanism for food scraps. With just a few Maker Pipe connectors, conduit, and mesh wire we can build this easy and affordable compost bin.


Step 1: Measure & Cut

We need 12 pipes for this compost bin. We like to use this metal pipe and tube cutter.

The pipe lengths we need are:

  • (4) 4ft pipes
  • (9) 3ft pipes

Step 2: Add the 90 Degree Connectors

Measure 12" up and add a 90 degree connector to each 4ft pipe. Then add 90 degree connector to the top of each 4ft pipe facing the same way as the one lower down the pipe.

Step 3: Add the Connecting Pipes

Add the 3ft pipes into the 90's to create the cube structure. Tighten all the hardware fully.

Step 4: Add the Support Pipe

Use the final 3ft pipe and 2 T connectors to add the support pipe from one side to the other on the bottom square.

Step 5: (Optional) Add the Rubber Feet

If you wanted to add the feet like we did, just slide them over the bottom legs.

Step 6: Add the Wood to the Bottom

Secure the wood to the bottom square with the the one hole straps and your screws of choice.

Step 7: Add the Wire

Secure the mesh to the pipes using zip ties or wire. Now you're ready to get composting!