Introduction: How to Choose the Right Jewelry for Your Children

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Fashion allows children to express themselves in a manner that is healthy for their self-esteem. Therefore, when you are looking for children’s outfits and hair fashion, you will require kids’ jewelry. Both boys and girls like complimenting their clothes with fashionable jewelry.

Step 1: What to Consider When Choosing a Jewelry for Toddlers?

While infants and toddlers look beautiful when dressed up in stunning jewelry, you should resist the temptation. Young kids enjoy putting everything they come across in their mouths, and there are many risks associated with jewelry, including:

  • Some pieces of jewelry have toxic coatings
  • Jewels and beads pose choking hazards
  • Young kids suffer cuts from metals, jewels, and beads when they put them in their young mouths
  • Clasps can easily loosen and pose choking risks
  • Necklaces and chords pose strangulation hazards
  • Young kids can take out earrings, which presents choking hazards

Step 2: How to Guarantee the Safety When It Comes to Toddler Jewelry

If you choose to allow your toddler or infants to put on jewelry, please strictly adhere to the following conditions:

  • Adhere to the age instructions on the jewelry or toy
  • Forbid the young kid from putting the costume-jewelry in her mouth
  • Monitor the kid always, especially if she is wearing jewelry
  • Dress your child in jewelry for short durations, particularly for a photo session
  • Take out the earrings if your kids like to tug or pull them

Step 3: What Are the Basic Types of Kids Jewelry?

Children’s jewelry

There is plenty of jewelry for older children in the market. Ranging from costume jewelry to valuable metals, kids’ jewelry exists in a wide array of style, taste, and price.

Birthstone jewelry

This jewelry has remained fashionable for many years. Many people associate birthstones with protection and good fortune to their wearers. Your children have access to unique birthstone jewelry irrespective of whether they believe the myth associated with birthstones or they just enjoy putting on the jewelry that corresponds to their birth month.

Customized kids’ jewelry

Jewelry can be customized to meet the unique tastes and preferences of your children. Below are ways of personalizing children’s jewelry.

Step 4: How to Customize Kids Jewelry: Best Ways and Practices.


You can engrave most jewelry made of sterling silver or gold. Parents can prepare a special message and have it engraved on the backs of bracelets, watches, and 14 karat gold earrings for girls. They can also have names, nicknames, or letter engraved.Sites that provide engraved jewelry include:

  • Jewel Basket provides yellow gold ID jewels for kids of ages infant to eight
  • Personalize Boutique provides a broad collection of personalized jewelry, such as dog tags, which are boys’ favorite jewels

Letter Pendants/Charms

Letter charms or pendants are instrumental in decorating key chains, necklaces, and bracelets. Many kids and teenagers enjoy putting on their initials.

Letter Beads

Letter beads are made of gold, porcelain, sterling silver, and plastic. They are valuable when it comes to making necklaces, watches, pins, and bracelets. You can purchase them from sites like Once Upon a Name.

Photo jewelry

This jewelry is quite new. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, companies can reproduce your pictures on silver, gold, and beads. You can decorate jewelry with pictures of anyone or anything that your kid adores. You can purchase photo jewelry from sites such as Kennebug Boutique and Personalized Boutique.

Step 5: Conclusions

If your kid treasure jewelry, but are overwhelmed by the responsibility that fine gemstones or precious metals come with, go with costume jewelry. They are mostly colorful, stylish, and fun. You can buy them at WalMart, Kohl’s, Target, and other leading clothing stores and children’s stores.