Introduction: How to Clean Copper From Tarnish

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In This Tutorial You can lean a easily way to clean your copper from tarnish and let it to shine!
There are a lot of products for clean the metal, but I think there are a lot ECOfriendly methods for obtain the same result!

you have two choice:
-see with you eyes the incredible reaction!
-Try on yourself with a tarnished copper!

Big thanks for Nurdrage, the best chemist on Youtube, he is a really point of reference on youtube for things like this, check his account here

Come on, let's start with this Instructables!

Step 1: Components

You Need 3 Components:

• Table Salt (NaCl)
• Your Piece of Tarnished Copper
• Vinegar (Acetic Acid)

(remember a Napkin or a sponge for clean)

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Step 2: Saturate the Solution

Spill the vinegar in a cup, glass or what do you prefer for your comfort

You need to saturate the solution with salt, it's really easy, add the salt and mix with a spoon for dissolve in it...repeat until the vinegard get saturate!

(saturate solution: saturation is the point at which a solution of a substance can dissolve no more of that substance and additional amounts of it will appear as a separate phase)

Step 3: Test It

for test it you can try with a little part of your object!

I use a coin with thin layer of tarnish... Look the image! it's awesome :D

Step 4: The Secret of This Method

You can clean all type of tarnished copper but for the best result use this little trick.

Put the salt directly on the piece and after add the saturate solution of Vinegar+Salt, Rubbing very well and look the awesome result, the mean of salt directly on the copper is for polish like the sandpaper and you don't get much energy for make it.

the Tutorial end here

Thank You so much for your attention


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