Introduction: How to Create Glitch Text Effect in GIMP

Hi Everyone, In this Article I'm gonna show you How to create a GLITCH Text Effect in GIMP

GIMP is the Alternative for Photoshop. So you can try this same method in Photoshop as well.

Step 1: Add a New Image to GIMP

  • Open GIMP
  • Go to File - New
  • Change the Width to 1920 and Height to 1080

Step 2: Add Your Text

  • Select Text Tool
  • Type in your Text with your favorite font with suitable size
  • Increase the Spacing between the Letters
  • Align it to the centre using Align Tool

Step 3: Distort Your Text

  • Make the Text layer to Image Size
  • Select the Rectangle Select Tool
  • Make the Selection of down portion of the Text
  • Ctrl + X - Cut the Selection then Ctrl + V - Paste the Selection
  • Click inside the Selection and move it to the Left or Right to Create the Distortion
  • Do this step as much as possible

Step 4: Add a Red and Cyan Distorted Text

  • Make Alpha to Selection of the Text Layer
  • Add a New transparent Layer
  • Fill the Selection with Red
  • Add Another Transparent Layer and Fill the Selection with Cyan
  • Hide the Original Text

Step 5: Create GLiTCH Effect

  • Move the Cyan Layer Little bit to the Right using Move tool
  • Change its Mode to Multiply

Step 6: Conclusion

So that's it guys. Using this trick you can simply create a glitch text effect in GIMP. If you have any doubts watch this Video I have explain each and every step clearly there!!..