How to Draw Girls: My Art Style

Introduction: How to Draw Girls: My Art Style

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I love to draw and sketch! These are my favorites! I will show you how to draw them. Let's start drawing!




Step 1: Draw the Chin and Half of Face

I draw this first. I don't do the other half because on this drawing I'm going to add a hat.

Step 2: The Hat

Start from the ear and follow the pictures. This will create a stylish hat for your drawing!

Step 3: Start the Hair

Start her beautiful hair. We'll finish the rest of the hair later.

Step 4: Add the Neck

She needs a neck. Make 2 curves beneath her head.

Step 5: Add Shoulders

To make the shoulders, just extend the neck.

Step 6: The Upper Arms

Curve the shoulders downward. This will be the beginning of her arms.

Step 7: The Chest

Add 2 "C" shaped curves in the middle of arms.

Step 8: The Upper Body and Torso

Make 2 lines coming downward from the chest.

Step 9: The Bottom,Legs, and Arms

Extend the line from the Torso. Curve it slightly. Make a curved arm and add fingers.

Step 10: Finishing the Hair and Coloring It In

Add any hairstyle you want. Color it in roughly.

Step 11: The Face

Draw 2 lines crossing over each other as shown on the picture.

Step 12: Eyes, Nose, and Eyebrows

Follow the lines to make the eyes and nose in the right spot. Add some eyebrows.

Step 13: The Lips

Make 2 curved lines on each side of the vertical line. Make a curve that connects them at the top. Connect the bottom with a strait line. Make a curve under it. After this erase the lines. Color in the lips.

Step 14: Details, Accessories, and Clothes!

Add anything you want or copy off my photo.

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