Introduction: How to Draw Rainbow Dash From My Little Pony

I wanted to think of something special for my First Ever Instructable, and I thought of drawing something. When I saw the "Rainbow Contest" and the "Fandom Contest" , the first thing that came to my mind was My Little Pony, my favorite cartoon ever since I was little. I thought I would draw Rainbow Dash from the "Rainbow Power" series. I was very worried drawing it, because I really wanted to win that Canon camera :) . I think for a first try it's not too bad))).So, Let's Get Started

Step 1: the Sketch

INGREDIENTS : Paper and Everything Colorful you can find )))

Next Let's make a sketch. Draw a round head and a neck. Next, draw the front hooves.

Then, draw a pair of wings and the mane. Don't forget the Cutie Mark!!!

Step 2: Tracing the Drawing

If some parts are too long or too short, fix it up and start tracing your drawing. I do it with a "Bubble blue" marker.

Sorry, the picture is the wrong way round)))

Next, color in the wings and draw those lightning bolts on her hooves and under the eyes.

Step 3: Take Those Pencils and Get Coloring!

Now it's time to color everything in!

I make the eyes of three colors: Pink, Light pink, and a little Purple. At the end you should have something like the third picture.

Step 4: DECORATE!!!

First ,color in the body...

To decorate you can do whatever you want. My favorite are stars and rainbows!

Finally!!! The last picture is the right way round :).

Thanks for watching my Instructable! I know the neck is too long,the hair is just too much, the hooves are long, the head is small, but no-one's perfect and it's my First Ever Instructable and I'm only 14 and I REALLY want that Grand Prize Camera, so Please vote for my drawing, and I promise my next Instructable will be better!!!

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