Introduction: How to Draw: Slender Man

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A step by step tutorial on how to draw Slender Man. (AKA Boogieman)

A very basic simplistic way to draw Slender man.

I believe that Slender Man is one of the scariest monsters. The fact that he can teleport, (more than one) extendable appendage and the fact that he has  no face sends chills down my spine. So this inspired me to draw him for a Halloween tutorial.

I like to make my drawings simple so everyone can follow. Use the basic outline I provide to start off your drawing. Then applying your own creativity make the picture your own, not some drawing tutorial that you just followed step by step. 

I hope you enjoy  :D

Step 1: Tools

You can use a regular pencil but i highly do not recommend it. The regular pencil has a hard lead which will leave imprints or grooves when you press harder for darker lines. Having a small pencil set will give you more versatility, having a soft lead that creates dark lines will not ruin your paper and will keep your paper looking nice. 

An eraser to remove mistakes.

Pencil Sharpener to have a fine point when drawing.  

Step 2: Outline: Basic Head

Draw a circle. Then draw the straight lines (for guide lines) for the jaw lines, these guide lines are very important! This sets up the head. After that start drawing the jaw. Start drawing dawn at a slight angle. Half way in between the circle and the straight line, start to bring it inwards to meet up where the flat line and the 2 guide lines meet. 

The neck is pretty straight forward.

Step 3: Outline: Body and Legs

*First start drawing the collar,keeping it simple, draw squares that flare out on the end. Make sure you make both sides even so the part that buttons up is dead center down the face and leave a space to draw the tie.

*Draw a circle for where the tie folds in between the collar. Start drawing down and a little bit out ,then bring it in to finish it off (the whole tie is not going to be drawn because the suit is going to be buttoned up).

*To draw the button up part, start at the bottom outside end. Make it curve up some to give it a bit of detail. When the lines meet up, make the right line go over the left to draw the part that folds outwards.

*For the shoulders start at the same bottom outside point of the collar. Draw this line very straight to give him a slimmer/ fancy look.

*Draw the arms coming out at an angle to give him a look like his arms are stretched out like he is going for a hug, on this part you can either have is arms at full existent going off the page (which is what i did) or you can have his (its) arms at normal length. 

*For the body  start drawing the line pointing where the tip of the shoulder is and make it curve in to give him  a tall lengthy look and bring them back out about to the same width from when you start. make this part long like hes extending out wards. 

*The legs are simple,draw the outline of the legs going out at an angle and draw a line in the middle  to make it seem like his legs are relatively closed, draw this line short and lower so it seems like hes stretching outwards. 

*To finish up bring the center line down to connect the suit.

Step 4: Outline: Extra Arms

The extra arms are easy. Draw this part how ever you want. You can draw the arms straight like there are bones in them (which is what i did) or tentacles like. You can make them extend off the page or stay close and make them sharp like or a me together smooth like a tentacle. YOU DO NOT EVEN HAVE TO DO THIS STEP. this is all  your opinion.

Step 5: Darken Lines (Add Some Minor Details)

Very straight forward. :D 


Step 6: Shading

When shading, do not press hard.

Lets shade the tentacle arms first. Take your darker pencil and fill in-between the lines you made. Shade in a vertical way.

I used a lighter shade for the suit. Shading in a horizontal way.

When done, you can either leave it as is, blend with a piece of paper or blending stump, or use your finger. The tentacles smooth it to the point where it looks like one solid color. The suit I would blend, but leave it to where you see some of the line to give it that shadowy, spooky look.

Step 7: Clean the Page Up

Take you eraser and remove any smudges of unnecessary lines and the head to make it stand out more. Make sure to clean up the tie to make the upcoming step simple and hassle free.

Step 8: Shade Background Or...

If you shade the background use a large paper folded so you can blend that area. Then re- darken all lines to make it pop out.

If you leave it blank just keep in mind you can draw a background.

Step 9: Red Tie

Take a red color pencil and before you color in, draw on a separate paper to see if thats the color you want and color in. make sure you get it to a solid color and its not getting dirty looking from all the dark outlines.

Step 10: Finished! :D

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial :D If you have an questions feel free to ask. Also do not forget to rate and leave a comment on what you think because I need some feed back to help me improve my tutorial making skills. Also post your art work so I can see what you have done to make the picture your own.

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