Introduction: How to Draw: Tin Tin

Here's a look at the finish...

You'll need a sharp pencil, an eraser, some colors (watercolors, colored pencils, or something...), and a black pen or thin paintbrush dipped in black.

It's a quick drawing, it's fun, and it looks pretty good too. ;)

Step 1: First Draw Stick Figure Lines in Your Body's Shape, With an Oval Head. Remember to Draw Very Lightly All the Time With the Pencil Because You Will Erase It Later.

Step 2: Add Little Eyes, Eyebrows, an Ear, a Mouth, and His Tuft of Hair.

Step 3: Draw This Weird Looking Line Down From His Ear to His Chest Area. This Will Be His Coat Collar.

Step 4: Now Add a Curved Line Down From the Back of the Collar, With Some Streaky Lines at the End.

Step 5: Out of Those Streaky Lines, Draw the Corner of His Coat and Bring It Around to His Belly Button Area.

Step 6: Next Give That Stick Figure Arm a Sleeve.

Step 7: Draw a Few Wrinkle Lines in the Coat.

Step 8: Draw a Kind of W Shape Giving Him the Other Side of His Collar, Then Finish His Chest From His Collar Down to His Sleeve.

Step 9: Now for the Hands - Just Draw 4 Little Sideways J Hooks Touching Each Other, and Make the Last One Smaller With a Little Kink at the End.

Step 10: Add a Shoe to the Stick Figure's Back Leg and a Line Out the Front of the Shoe - Going to Be His Shin.

Step 11: With a Backwards L Give Him One Pant-leg Coming Out From Behind the Coat.

Step 12: Start the Back of His Other Pant-leg With 3 Curved Lines Behind His Stick Figure Leg.

Step 13: Curve the Bottom of the Pant-leg in a Squanky L Shape to Go Over His Ankle.

Step 14: Make a Bent Line Up to His Coat to Finish Off His Knee. and You Can Erase the Stick Figure Lines Now.

Step 15: Make Two Lines Come Down From the Bottom of His Pant-leg to Be His Leg Then Widen at the End to Become His Other Shoe.

Step 16: Now Finish the Shoe. Add a Heel and Curve It Up to Make a Sole, the a Curve Down to Connect the Lines and Give It a Folded Look. - Now Tin Tin's Sketch Is Done!!

Step 17: Starting Snowy: Draw a Squiggly Doggy Foot Coming Out From Behind Tin Tin's Knee.

Step 18: Above His Knee, Make the Squiggly Line Go UP, Then Dooooooown - This Is Now Snowy's Tail and Back.

Step 19: Curve His Back Up and Give Him Ears - They Sort of Look Like Horns Right Now.

Step 20: Let's Give Snowy Some Eyeballs... and Eyebrows... and a Big Round Nose.

Step 21: Make a Little Curve Down From His Nose to Become His Mouth.

Step 22: Give the Mouth a Tongue Then a Curve Up From the Tongue to Make His Jaw.

Step 23: See That Little C Shape? It's Just Connected to the Line We Just Drew.

Step 24: Out of the C Shape Draw His Leg Coming Behind His Face.

Step 25: Now Add His Second Front Leg... and Snowy's Pencil Sketch Is Finished!

Step 26: Add Some Streaky "running" Lines and "sweat Drops"

Step 27: Now for the Color (I Used Watercolors): First Color His Coat a Light Brown. Then Add a Blue Triangle Between the Collar to Be His Shirt Showing Through.

Step 28: His Shoes Are Dark Brown and the Soles Grey. His Trousers Are a Sort of Chestnut Brown Color.

Step 29: Very Light Peachy Hands and Face, and a Light Pink Cheek. Mix a Bit of Pink With the Light Peach and Circle It Around on His Cheek While That Is Still Wet to Blend It In. His Hair Is a Dirty Yellow Color, and There's Snowy's Red Tongue.

Step 30: Outlines: (First Make Sure the Paint Color Is Dry.) I Used a Thin Black Watercolor Brush. You Could Also Use an Ink Pen. Go Over All Your Pencil Lines. After Your Outlines Are Dry You Can Gently Erase Any Pencil Lines You Can Still See.

Step 31: Photography: Place the Drawing on Top of a Pile of Tin Tin Books and Focus and Click! Now Add a Cool Filter to Make the Colors and Lines Really Pop Good. I Used a Filter Called 'Zeke'. AND.... TAD-AH!!

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