Introduction: How to Draw a Minion on Paint

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Hi! This is my first Instructable so I decided to start out easy. On this Instructable, I will be showing you how to draw a Minion from Despicable Me 1 or 2 (it doesn't really matter since all the Minions look the same). I use a program called Paint. It is probably installed on your computer if you have Windows. I don't really know if it's on any other OS's, but you could probably look it up online. All you need for this Instructable is the program Paint or something similar to it, a picture of a Minion from the movie (for reference), a touchpad or a mouse, and a little patience.

Step 1: Resize Your Page

Open Paint to a blank page. Now, on the top of the page, there will be a icon that says "resize". Press that. A little box will come up. On the bottom, is says "skew". On a bar, there will be a sign that says "vertical". Type in 20 then press ok.

Step 2: Drawing the Body

Select the color yellow on the color bar that is on the top of the page. Then select the "circle" tool and make an oval in the middle of the page. Then, fill it in using the "pain can" tool.

Step 3: Drawing the Eye(s)

Select the color grey. Make one (or two) circles on your Minion's head. I chose this Minion to have just one eye. Fill in the circle with white for his eye. Then, select black, fill with black, and draw the pupil with the circle took as shown in the picture. 

Step 4: Drawing the Mouth

Click on the "edit colors" icon. Press on the yellow and make it a little darker. Press ok. Then select the "curve" tool and make a curved line for the Minion's mouth.

Step 5: Drawing Another Part of the Eye

Now, we are going to draw the colored part of the Minion's eye. First, click on the "edit colors" icon. Make a red/brown and press ok. Next, take the circle tool and make a circle of brown and put it around the pupil. Then, take a darker brown (than the one that you just made) and make an "island" around colored part and the pupil. Then take some lighter browns and put "squiggles" on the eye as shown in the picture.

Step 6: Drawing the Eyelid(s) (Optional Step)

This step you may chose to or not to do. I made this Minion have an eyelid on the bottom of his eye to make him have a guilty look that they seem to have so often. Take the "curve" tool and select the yellow. Make a curve on the bottom of his eye(s) as shown in the picture. Then, fill it in with the "paint can" tool.

Step 7: Enhancing the Goggle(s)

First, take a dark grey and make a circle around the already existing goggle(s). Next, select the white and the circle tool. Fill it with white. Then, make a circle on the top on the goggle(s) where the lite hits. Then make a smaller one below it.            *NOTE* make sure to put the "lite indicates" where the lite is hitting... I mad the mistake of not doing this, because when you are shading, the dark side needs to be on the opposite side of the "lite indicates". Now, to make the strap of the goggle(s), select black and the "curve" tool. On both sides of the goggle(s), make the "curvy" line. Use the picture or reference Minion to help you.

Step 8: Drawing His Overalls and Boots

Now we are going to draw his overalls. First, make a denim blue. Then, with the "curve" tool, make a line below his eye(s) as seen in the picture. Next, make two other curvy lines going down from the edges of the first one. Then, make two more curvy lines coming out from the side of the curvy lines that you just made. Next, fill in the bottom of the overalls with the same blue using the "paint can" tool. Now to make his legs, Make two curvy lines on the bottom of his clothes a little ways from each other and do this on the other side also as shown in the picture. Make the straps the same way, except make them thinner and a little bit below the goggle(s) strap. Now to make his boots. Take the "curve" tool and select black. Make a shape as shown in the picture below by making various curves to make the desired shape. Select the boot with the "free form" select tool and copy it. Then paste it on the other side of his pant leg and fill them in with black If need be, you can shorten the legs by selecting them and then pushing them up.

Step 9: Drawing the Pocket and "Gru" Trademark

To make the pocket, select the "curve" tool and make a slightly curved line a little bit below the top of his overalls. Then make the bottom by making two curved lines coming down from the first line, and then connecting the two with another line in the middle of them. Now to make the "Gru" trademark... Take the circle tool and make a black circle that almost touches the sides of the pocket (use your reference Minion for this next part). Make a diamond shape in the circle using the "line" tool, leaving the right edge of it open. Then using your reference Minion, make the "G" for "Gru" inside of it. 

Step 10: Drawing the Arms and Hand(s)

Now, to make the arms... Take the same yellow that you used to make the mouth and make a line (or two of both of his hands are behind his back) on side of his body as shown in the picture. I made this Minion have one arm waving and the other one behind his back.... maybe hiding something. Now, on the side that you want his hand behind his back (or by his side), make a yellow curvy line that reaches from the top of his overalls to half way down the side of the bottom of his overalls (for his hand behind his back). This will indicate his arm... behind his back. Now fill that in with yellow. For his arm waving, make two curvy lines that come out from the top of his overalls and make them so they look like in the picture. Fill that in and then make his gloves by using your reference Minion.

Step 11: Drawing His Hair

Now, drawing the hair is simple. Just make a bunch on curvy lines coming out of his head. To enhance his hair, make another line half way on the line that you have already drawn. This makes it have a more "hair" texture.

Step 12: Take a Step Back

Now de-magnify the picture and look at your work. Your Minion is almost done!!!

Step 13: Shading the Head

For the first step of shading, take the "curve" tool and select a dark yellow. Then, follow the top of the eyelid and make a darker curve. Now take that same yellow and using the "oil" brush, draw a line outlining the bottom of his goggle(s) and goggle(s) strap. Next, make a slightly lighter yellow and trace the outline of the last yellow that you did for the shading. Now, make a lighter one than that and do the same thing. Also make sure to blend your colors. Now de-magnify the picture and look at your progress.        *NOTE* DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE DRAW THE LITE ON HIS GOGGLE(S) THE SAME SIDE AS THE DARK SHADING!!! 

Step 14: Shading His Eyelid(s)

With shading his eyelid(s), do the same thing as you did with the last shading.

Step 15: Shading His Under-Arms, Arms, Mouth and Body and Making the Bolts on His Goggle(s)

For making the bolts on his goggle(s), use "airbrush" tool and use your reference Minion to do this. Now, all of the shading is the same on this Instructable. Shade his underarms,  his arms, his mouth and his body as seen in the pictures.

Step 16: Shading His Overalls

Now, shade the overalls using the same technique as you did with the body. Don't forget to blend!

Step 17: Shading His Eyes

Shade in his eyes like in the picture. You can also use your reference Minion for this.  

Step 18: Shading His Gloves and Boots

Now, use the pictures and you reference Minion to shade in his boots and gloves.

Step 19: And Your Finished!!!

Now you are finished your Minion!!! Congratulate yourself and admire your work. I hope this Instructable was easy to read and understand. For instructions on how to use Paint, you can visit my blog here: Bye for now!!!