Introduction: How to Draw a Nose

The Nose, awkward, but essential. I have been looking all over the internet for a decent tutorial on how to draw a nose, and I could find a single one. In this tutorial you will learn how to draw a Basic human nose.

Step 1: Materials.

You will need:
1 sketchpad OR Drawing Paper
Pencils (I only like Faber Castell, They don't break)
Eraser, Trust me, bring a spare. (preferably a plastic AND a kneaded, they can get into small areas)

No picture for this, Sorry. Camera died and It takes a while to charge. But how hard are those things to come by?

Step 2: The (Most) Basic Form

Draw a trapezoid as seen in the picture, short Bases but long diagonals. make it tall, like the bridge of a nose.

Step 3: The Second (most Basic) Form

Alright, time to make it (somewhat) 3-d. Add the following lines so it looks like you're looking at it from the bottom.

Step 4: The Tip

Add the tip of the nose to your form. it should be a circle, but kind of squashed on the bottom. See picture two for more details

Step 5: The Septum

This is probably the second most complex part of the nose, but dont let what I'm typing fetter you.
Draw a shape similar to that in picture one at the base of your "nose" on the bottom of the smaller trapezoid. the top flat should run tangent to the circle.

Step 6: Wings? Noses Cant Fly!

Alright, now for the wings, you know, the part that covers the nostrils? You know what they are now. You learn something every day! Add another 3d trapezoid to the sides of your nose, next to the circle. I'm not great at explaining what they should look like, but the pictures sure are.

Step 7: Erase

All right, start erasing! first add the curvature of what you want your nose to look like. and then erase all the sharp edges and unnecessary lines in the middle. Also, make your septum lines (indicated below) curved inward. so it looks like it would on a human.

Step 8: Nostrils

Alright, add the nostrils. as glorious as you thought they once were, they're actually ugly little buggers. Annoying as they are to get to look right, there is no specific way to do them, everyone looks different, and has different nostrils. Kind of like a snowflake.

Step 9: Fat Nose?

You can thin out the wings, or widen the nostrils or do what ever you like. the nose is one of the most important part of the face, and can make or break the character you're drawing. all you need to do is add more or less curvature and erase what you don't want. Voila! Your nose know that this is a great one!