Introduction: How to Foundation Double Crochet

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Do you suffer from tight crochet foundation chains? Do you love beautiful crochet edges that are stretchy and elastic? Then you are going to fall in love with the Foundation Double Crochet technique!

Not only does it give you a foundation chain with ease…you create your double crochets at the same time!

No more puckered edges or unforgiving tightness! This is great for sweaters sleeves, hats worked from the brim up, or anything you want to have a nice stretch.

Watch the video below or follow the photo tutorial or both!

Step 1: ​Begin by Making a Slip Knot and Placing It on Your Hook

You can see how to make one on my tutorial How To Make A Slip Knot.

Step 2: Chain 4

Step 3: Yarn Over

Step 4: Insert Hook Through Center of First Chain. (4th Chain From Hook)

Step 5: Also Insert Hook Through Loop on Back, Slightly to the Left

Step 6: Yarn Over

Step 7: Draw Back Thru

Step 8: You Now Have 3 Loops on Your Hook

Step 9: Yarn Over Again

Step 10: Draw Hook Back Through First Stitch Only

Step 11: Yarn Over

Step 12: Draw Back Through 2 Stitches

Step 13: Yarn Over Once More

Step 14: Draw Hook Back Through Last 2 Stitches

Step 15: A Finished Foundation Single Crochet

Step 16: ​Continue Working, Starting Each Repetition by First Yarning Over, Then Insert Your Hook Through the Foundation Chain Previously Made

Then repeat steps 5-12, for each stitch you want to create. Your foundation chain will be the chain you just made, and is to your left. In the photo above, it is the highlighted blue chain, not the green.

Step 17: Once You’ve Done Several Repetitions, This Is What Your Foundation Chains Will Look Like (in Green)

Step 18: This Is the Anatomy of a Foundation Double Crochet. You Can See Where Everything Forms!

You will make this differently than when traditionally crocheting, where you work from the bottom (foundation chain), and work into each chain. Each foundation chain and double crochet are made at the same time…so you work sideways!

Step 19: Tip: Always Insert Your Hook Through the Stitches All the Way Back to the Shank or Shaft of the Hook. You Want the Width of the Shank to Push Through, Otherwise Your Foundation Chains May Be Too Tight.

Step 20: That's It!!

Don’t worry if you don’t get this at first, just keep practicing and you will understand it quicker than you think! Let me know if you have any questions in comments below!

Keep on Crafting!