Introduction: How to GET Coins Like These at Face Value

There’s a little trick for getting some pretty cool coins at face value. The solution may be obvious but if you haven’t done it before you may not know that it’s possible. Whenever we go to the bank, I always ask the teller if they have any special coins. Sometimes they’ll pull out all kinds of neat stuff. Of course sometimes they may not have anything at all. Whenever they have Susan B Anthony coin‘s that’s always a good find. Or the old silver dollars with Eisenhower on it. They’re not silver but they’re big and they’re cool. Of course there’s the Sacajawea that nobody ever wants to use but they made. There’s the presidential gold coin’s, or at least gold colored coins. If you find A George Washington coin without any writing on the edge that one is worth 50 bucks. The Susan B Anthony coin‘s are typically more than face value right away. It’s nice getting these coins at face value, you really can’t lose. If you ever get into a tight spot you can just spend these coins for what you paid for them. The best thing that could happen is the NewsMatic value moves up on the coins you just got.

Step 1:

These coins can be very hard to find in pocket change, so we have found a way to get these coins easily at face value. Every time you go into the bank just ask if they have any special coins, and they will bring out these coins. You can buy these coins at face value, so you are not buying the coins you are exchanging the coins. Now you can go thought the coins and see if they have any valuable ones. We go into more detail and which coins can be worth more in the video, don't forget to watch it. :)