Introduction: How to Get Denim Fabric From Old Jeans

This is our first D.I.Y project Must click on show all steps for full project

Step 1: Things You Will Need


2.tailors chalk

3.stitch opener


5.old pair of jeans

6.Sewing machine

Step 2: Video Tutorial and Steps for Best Understanding

This Is my First tutorial Hope You like It If Any problem or any Questions Or any suggestion You can comment below .. If you like it we will make more videos and the Next Video is about using this fabric.. Please like and subscribe to our New youtube channel

Step 3: Step 1: Cutting

1.We have to cut the first leg

2.Cut around the zip line

3.Cut the other leg

Step 4: Step 2:Unstitching the stitches of the both legs with stitch opener

2. unstitch the pockets and seperate it

Step 5: Step 3: Trimming to Make a Clean Fabric

1. After Opening the sides than we have to trim these

2.make llines using tailors chalk make sure you got the line straight so we use ruler also

3. do same with other parts seperate all

4.Then You will get these four part that you want to sew

Step 6: Step 4 : Sewing

1.Iron these all parts

2.than take threads that matches your fabric to sew it

3.we have use these stitches setting

4.than start sewing these four parts together

5.Than you have the fabric Hooray!!!

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