Introduction: How to Give People Blindness on a Command Block in Minecraft (mobile)

On mobile?
Want to give blindness to people who step on the pressure plate? here!


You need
x1 Heavy Pressure Plate (iron)
x1 Command Block

Step 1: Type This to Give Yourself a Command Block

You are going to need to give yourself a command block! so type this in on chat! remember, you need operator!

And you cant get command blocks in creative!

Step 2: Place It in the Anywhere You'd Like!

You need to be in creative to edit and place a command block.

So just place down the command block anywhere!

Step 3: Type This Command

Type The Command, Also! You dont have to do 100 100 thats just the time and the blindness darkness. And Another thing, sometimes i type "blindess" but its actually spelled "blindness" Yeah if your a fast typer its kinda hard to get that n in there because you can type blindess really fast but you got to get the n which its kind of far away. And you dont have to do @p! thats just the closest player!

Step 4: Place a Pressure Plate Ontop!

Ok, so since this is mobile, You need to place a block ontop from where the command block is, and make the block right beside up from the command block, so you can place the pressure plate on the block and it will go on the command block since its right by it and you cant just place a pressure plate quickly on the command block.

Step 5: Tada! Blindness!

Now that You've Done all that, You step on the pressure plate and Tada! Blindness! Anyways thats it.