Introduction: How to Make Your Battery Go Down Slowly

Does your battery go down fast?

or do you want your battery to go down slower?

Or do not want to plug your phone in when your watching something?

Heres How to make it go down slower, so you dont have to worry about any of these or other!

Step 1: Turn Your Brightness Down!

Ok, having your brightness really high or the max can make your battery go down really fast! so i suggest you turn your brightness down!

Step 2: Turn on Battery Saver!

Lots of people do this because it is something that someone would see when they scroll up on their phone, this is really useful, I think battery saver turns down your brightness or something also.

Step 3: Swipe Out of All Your Current Games, Apps, Etc!

If you have a lot open, then your battery will go down pretty quick! So i suggest you swipe out of them!

Step 4: Tada! Your Battery Should Go Down Slow Now!

Ok, Now that you've down all the other things, Your Battery Should Slow Down On its Percentage Draining!