How to Add a Bot to Your Discord Server!

Introduction: How to Add a Bot to Your Discord Server!

Want a bot on your discord server?
Heres how!


You need


Step 1: Go to

Go to on the bar!

Step 2: Search for Any Bot!

Just search for a bot in the search bar!

Step 3: Invite Your Bot!

Once you have found your box, click invite!

Step 4: Authorize the Bot!

now, you must authorize your bot by simply adding a server to put your bot in and continue.

Step 5: Allow Them to What the Bot's Owner Asks For

This Allows them to do these things, if you dont accept all, you wont get certain features so just allow all it auto adds all anyways!

Step 6: Verify Your Not a Robot!

Click the white box beside where it sats "im not a robot" to verify that your not a robot and it will show a checkmark in the box!

Step 7: Now Your Bot Is Authorized!

Now, close this window, and go back to your discord server!

Step 8: Here It Is!

Heres your bot! now you can change it or say commands you can search it up or just go back to and go to the bot and search its prefix and type with the prefix at the start: prefixherehelp

Examples: !help $help ?help

And it will give you a list of commands or the bot will message you when you authorize or they might have an official server but they will obviously message you if they have an official server!

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