Introduction: How to Grow Apple Trees

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remember when you were young and all you wanted was to grow your own apple tree from the seed you got from your apple you ate? well here is your chance to live your childhood dream of growing a apple tree.

in this instructable i will show you how to properly grow an apple tree and have great results so get ready, get set ,grow.

Step 1: About Growing Apple Seeds

  • apple seeds do not actually produce a apple like the apple you ate the fruit from the seed that you will grow the fruit it will produce will taste different but that is not a bad thing plus its always fun to grow apple trees
  • most people dont actually know how to grow apple seeds unlike most seeds apple seeds wont grow if you just put a seed in the dirt apple seeds need to go through a period of cold to mimic winter in order to sprout and grow.

Step 2: What You Will Need

Step 3: Step One

Step 4: Step 2

Step 5: Step 3

Step 6: Step 4 Into the Fridge

Step 7: One Month Later

Step 8: Enjoy Your Apple Tree

  • enjoy your new tree
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