How to Have a Glow Art Party at Home




Introduction: How to Have a Glow Art Party at Home

Painting is fun! Glow painting is so much fun it must be experienced. You can take part in this fun trend right at home. Its not expensive and its easy for anyone to do!!

Caution do not stare directly into blacklight bulbs :)

Step 1: Materials

You will need

A lamp without shade:

Floor Lamp

Table Lamp

Table Easel-metal and cheep

Brushes for acrylic paint

Brights, Filberts, detail rounds and of course an Angle shader

I used a white handle from Daler And Rowney

Florescent spray paint , Pink , Yellow , Orange and Green

Artist Tape

Black light UV florescent Bulbs :

Feit Electric
Model # BPESL15T/BLB/HD Internet # 100553168 Store SKU # 246783

60W Equivalent Black Spiral CFL Light Bulb

Do not get incandescent as it wont make paint glow and make sure you know you have a bulb for entertainment purposes those are longwave. Hit the Home Depot or online is good but not Craigslist as you may unknowingly get a shortwave bulbs for commercial purposes.

Acrylic paint: White, Black, and Blue

Acrylic paint for UV light: Look for Neon or Florescent on the label

Bright will not work

Glow will work but sometimes it does not show the color. It might just all glow green'

Colors you will be able to easily find anywhere: Pink, Green, Yellow and Orange

Colors to get if you can are Blue, White, Red, and Glow in the dark

You can find Violet online or in the craft store with Airbrush paints

Basic art studio set up is nice

Check my Pinterest list for materials you should just basically have in the studio

and This Video on art studio set up

Step 2: Glowing Up Your Lamps, Accessories and Brushes


Table lamp with out shade

Floor lamp


Spray paint in your favorite Florescent colors

I used pin, yellow, green and orange

Artist Tape

Metal orange brush holder

Step 3: Tape Up and Prime

Tape the parts of your brushes and lamps you do not want tape on

Cords, bulb fixture, and of course bristles of your brush

Spray prime and do follow instructions on the can

Sherpa tip

Extreme heat and cold can effect how your spray paint comes out

Wind can be a problem BUT if your do not have a VERY ventilated shop do this outdoors

Step 4: Apply the Fun Part ....Florescent Spray Paint

Have some fun and paint up your Lamps, brushes and accessories!

Sherpa tips:

Allow for drying time between coats

Avoid contrasts by

Paint pink , yellow, orange

Paint green, and yellow

Step 5: Put in Your Bulbs

When its all dry install your florescent bulbs and test your Glow paint, and painted glow accessories :) Take a minute to feel like a kid again :)

Glow not working:

Check you have florescent bulbs

Check that your room is dark

This only works in a dark dark room so close the curtains, turn off lights and if your need to wait for night

Step 6: Get Your Glow On

Now have some fun and paint something. Put on glow make up

Drink a glow drink

Sherpa tip:

Real Club soda with Quinine makes a drink glow

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    5 years ago

    Whoever you are, anyone that was a teenager in the late 60s through the 70s know all too well what you are doing!
    Buy a twin bulb flouescent fixture, Buy 2 48" uv bulbs, when you walk in the room wearing white clothing, it will make your clothing look Blue, Warning; especially children, Do Not Look @ lights, can & will cause damage to eyes, like looking directly @ sun, or watching someone welding.....
    hopefully this helps,
    Your's in Christ's Holy name!
    Have a Blessed life !!!

    The Art Sherpa
    The Art Sherpa

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you for adding the Safety precaution :) That is very good


    5 years ago

    You should really be wearing uv protected sunglasses/goggles

    The Art Sherpa
    The Art Sherpa

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    That is a good Safety Tip

    these are residential UV fixtures sold as a "black light" for entertainment purposes, and are longwave. :) not industrial short wave. <3


    Reply 5 years ago

    what is qunnine?


    Reply 4 years ago

    I think you mean quinine. Do a search or go to:


    Reply 5 years ago

    hi me