Introduction: How to Silver Leaf BIRDS on a Denim Canvas

So as if Denim is not enough.. lets add foil.

Step 1: Materials List

DENIM canvas 16x20. ***

This can be found at the Make Market in Michael's or go...

Check out my instructables on how to paint a Canvas to LOOK like denim

Acrylic paint

Yellow ochre

Titanium White


Silver leaf

Metal leaf Spray Sealer

Metal leaf adhesive

I used Mona Liza brand and Art Minds

Step 2: Paint the Moon

In the upper right of your canvas with about 1" brush Lightly brush on The white and yellow ocher

Tip: Try not to mix together on the palate your colors allow them to streak on the canvas

Step 3: BRANCHES and Twigs

With black Paint and a detail brush paint in your branch for your birds!

Tip: Pressure helps a stroke be thicker or thinner. For a thin stroke press lightly for a thick one press hard

Look: Branches are ever diminishing. Things get thinner as they grow out.

Step 4: Create Your Love Birds

Paint in a Silhouette of your birds in black paint

Tip: Never let drawing be your block. There are many free traceables online and Stencils at the store. Drawing is not art its just a skill of art.

Step 5: Heart Leaves

Add the leaves that float still attached to your branch!! I really liked the heart shape for my leaves to layer the feeling of love in this story.

TIP: Paint some leaves bigger and some smaller. Let some float away in the wind

Step 6: Apply Adhesive

When your paint is Dry apply the matal leaf adhesive to your birds

TIP: Follow the instructions on the bottle exactly for best results. Be sure and make sure you are in a well ventilated area.... which you will NOT want when the silver leaf is out


In a Space with no wind Current take a sheet of leaf. DO NOT BREATH lol. Carefully place on your birds. Cover all the birds with leaf. There will be some leaf lost to this process. It ok.

TIP: Who ever invented silver leaf has a sense of humour. This stuff goes everywhere :)

Step 8: Burnish

Gently with a soft brush push the leaf into the adhesive

TIP: this part is really relaxing ...enjoy

Step 9: Remove the Extra Foil...

Take a stiffer brush rub and scramble the loose leaf off. This is a process.

TIP: it is messy have s hand vac ready. Expect to look as if you murdered a fairy

Step 10: Seal and Enjoy!!!

Finish your awesome project by spray the sealer outside.

TIP: wow that stuff is intense following directions is imperative

Step 11:

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