Introduction: How to Install Bonnet Lifters / Gas Bonnet Struts on Your Vehicle

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Welcome to another of my Instructables

This is the one of many to come for any petrol heads and gear monkeys out there.

For this Instructable I will be usnig my pride and joy.

My 1997 VW Golf Mk 3..........the VR6 edition ( 2.8ltr) ;) ;)

Even tho the pics and discription will be for my car, this will translate to any car, van or truck (parts depending)

So what is the purpose of this Instructable, if you havnt guessed it is how to install gas struts or bonnet lifters on your vehicle. Thus improving the look of your engine bay, updating the car with a more modern feel and more importantlly for me the lazy option of not having to open your bonnet and pin it up.

I should at this point state this is just my way others may do it differentlly and some more modern car will come with this feature as standard, but in this case mine does not and its a 1997.

(Some pics have been taken from when i did my swap over and others when i did my friends the other day )

Step 1: What You Will Need.....

This job is nice and easy and requires only the following:

Gas Strut set / Bonnet lefter set ( these can be purchased from EBAY, AMAZON etc.....) mine were only £15

A adjustable spanner and or rachet set

a good 30mins of your time

and thats it.................So lets get started

Step 2: 1st Step

One you have your parts and all needed, its time to get to speak

Start with opening your bonnet as normal and using the long bar prop it open as usual

Then use the lifters to line up where they are going to be fitted

**Please note if using universal struts some drilling my be rrquired so I would recommend paying the extra £2-5 and get vehicle specific ones **

IMPORTANT do one side at a time ppl, safty first as your bonnet will weigh more than you think and could case damage to you and your car if you dont take care

(picture for this stage is from my old 220 turbo as i forgot to take one of the before, but it shows your standard bonnet with the stand holding it up)

Step 3: Fitting.......

carefully undo the the top bolt only on the side of the bonnet ( keeping one on to hold bonnet steady and keeping safe)

then with my vehicle specific strut is has been disigned to use the second bolt uses one of the nuts that hold on the wing, to save drilling.

once both bolts are undone and taken off you can fit the replacement bolts provided with your set, make sure to tighten them up well and use addition washers it needed.

Then simpally rotate the strust into position and clip onto the new "bolts" you have installed

**important you will be tempted to test if it works, not not do this untill you have done both sides**

Step 4: Repeat

Once you have done one side and all is tightened and stirdy

Repeat the process on the other side, but keep the old support arm in plase untill finished ( this can be removed or kept, personal preferance )

Step 5: Marvel at Your Work.....

When done sit back and open your bonnet with ease

Hope you all find this helpfull, more car and VW related Instructables to come

TIME FOR THE CAR PICS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!