Introduction: How to Install a Linkies Track Weave

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Want to learn how to install a linkies track weave? Want to know what a linkies track weave even IS?? Don't worry, the Doctor is in, and she'll show you how to do it step-by-step!

For this tutorial you will need:

Gather your supplies and lets get started!

Step 1: Prep and Section

Put the Linkies onto the microneedle. Carve off a section about an inch wide and ⅓ of an inch deep.3. Split that section into two and slide a ring onto the first leg of the natural hair.

Step 2: Position

Go down through the Linkie and pick up the second leg. Pull the legs so that they create an X through the ring.

Step 3: Secure

Control the tension and placement by pulling the legs taut, and use your closer to clamp the ring into place.

Step 4: Create Row

Continue creating a row using this method. The next step is to create the linking row. Take the legs from two neighboring bonds. Slide the ring onto one of the legs, then go down through the Linkie, and pick up the neighboring leg. Pull the legs so that they create an X. Pull the two legs to control the tension, and use your closer to clamp the ring into place. Continue until you have finished your linking row.

Step 5: Position Weft

Cut your weft so that it is just slightly wider than your base row. Cut a second piece of weft that is slightly shorter than your first.

Step 6: Sew Weft

Using your needle and thread, add one stitch to lock the two pieces together with your top weft extending slightly beyond your lower layer. Sew the wefts to your Linkies base, starting slightly in from the edge and working back out to the edge.

Step 7: Secure Natural Hair

Make sure to hold the natural hair legs back as you sew the weft in place. Continue sewing until you reach the other end. Remember to pull the natural hair leg underneath and sew back away from the end to ensure a flat extension point.

Step 8: Finish

Clip off your thread and create one simple knot with the ends. Slide your microneedle underneath the base, and pull one of the legs of thread around. Create several knots to secure your weft and clip away the remaining thread. Continue adding rows you have create your desired style.