Introduction: How to Install the Seat Axkid Minikid

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In this video I show you how to install the Axkid Minikid 9-25 kg. I install it in a Citroën Berlingo.

The Axkid Minikid is a rear-facing car seat that is designed to provide the safety benefits of rear-facing.

You really need a big car if you want you kid to have leg room. It do not fit in my fiat panda. Well, unless you are prepared to sacrifice you front passenger seat.

Step 1: Pull Ahead Passenger Seat

Pull ahead passenger seat

Step 2: Fix the Belts to the Car Chair Structure

Fix the belts to the car chair structure. You have to pass the belt under the structure of the car seat and make a knot passing the buckle throw the belt hole. Then, pull the belt from the buckle side.

Step 3: Put the Axkid Seat on the Rear Car Seat

Put the Axkid Seat on the rear car seat rear-facing.

Step 4: Adjust the Front Part of the Axkid Seat

Use the bar on the front part of the Axkid seat to adjust the height and inclination of the Axkid seat

Step 5: Extend Back Bar to the Floor

Extend back bar on the Axkid seat to the floor of the car

Step 6: Fix the Belt

Pass the belt throw the Axkid seat and close the clamps in both side while you are pulling the belt.

Step 7: ​Extend the Rear Clamps and Grab the Belts

Extend the rear clamps and grab the belts attached to the passenger structure.

Step 8: Push the Chair to Both Sides

Push the chair to both sides, to the left and to the right to tight the chair.

Step 9: Check That the Chair Is Rigid

Check that the chair is rigid and you did not forget anything