Introduction: How to Knit a Fluffy Blanket Scarf

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Since the weather outside is (going to get) frightful, we concocted a scarf pattern that is the perfect combination of sparkly, light, and warm. Yup, we nailed it.

To make this scarf we used two common knitting stitches - the stockinette and the garter stitch. These are the most basic patterns one learns when knitting, and if you're a beginner this is a great project for perfecting these two stitches.

The scarf is really wide, so you can wrap it like a snood, or wear it like a shawl. It’s also super lightweight, so it’s perfect for this flip-floppy weather we’ll be having for the next couple of months until old man winter settles in.

You only need two materials for this project - yarn and knitting needles.

Here are all the deets you need to know before getting started.



Final piece measures 47cm x 140cm (18.5” x 55”)


30sts across 20 rows makes a 10cm/4” swatch.


  • Garter Stitch: knit on right and wrong side
  • Stockinette Stitch: knit on right side, purl on the wrong side
  • Stitches (sts)

Step 1: To Get Started Cast on 80sts

Cast on 80 sts

Rows 1 - 8: knit 80sts (that's called the garter stitch).

Row 9: purl 80 sts.
Row 10: knit 80 sts. These two rows make a pattern called stockinette.

Step 2: Continue Alternating Between Garter & Stockinette Stitch

Continue working in stockinette stitch for 3 more rows (rows 11-14).

Row 15 - 22: knit 80sts.

Row 23 - 28: Work in stockinette stitch, starting with the purl side.

Rows 29: - 36: knit 80 sts.

Rows 37 - 43: work in stockinette stitch, starting with the purl side.

Rows 44 - 51: knit 80 sts.

Rows 52 - 58: work in stockinette stitch, starting with the purl side.

Step 3: Repeat Rows 1-58 Five More Times

Continue working the pattern by repeating rows 1-58 five more times, until your piece measures 140cm.

You should see a stripes effect formed from alternating between the garter stitch and the stockinette stitch.

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