Introduction: How to Load Film Into a Fujifilm Instax Mini 8

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When I bought my Fujifilm camera, I noticed that all the instructions were in Japanese and accompanied by small pictures. This Instructable was made to help clarify the cryptic icons.

Step 1: Battery Placement

Before you load film into a Mini 8, you have to insert two AA (double A) batteries into the battery compartment. The camera likely came with them in a small, separate package.

Step 2: Opening the Film

Most film packets come in a two pack. When opening, make note of the expiration date. If it's expired, you can still use it, but the photo will likely have poor quality. Also, don't store extra film in sunny, hot areas, such as the front dashboard of a car, or in an excessively humid area, such as the bathroom when someone is taking a shower.

Step 3: Opening the Film Door

To open the film door, push on the spring/button on top and pull out.

Step 4: Loading the Film

At the top of the camera's "door frame" should be a small yellow stripe. Match up the the stripe with the one on the film and shut the door. The circular window located just outside the door should read "S".

Step 5: Take a Photo

Turn the camera on by pushing the button to pop out the lens. Hold the viewfinder up to your eye. Please note that because the viewfinder is not aligned with the lens, you must shift the camera sightly to the right for closeup pictures. To take the photo, press the circular button and be sure not to cover the top.

Step 6: Hey, Wait a Minute!

Don't panic when a black plastic thing pops out. This just keeps the film protected from exposure. The window will now read "10".

Step 7: Take Some Photos for Real

Now you really can take photos. Remember, contrary to popular belief, under-developed film is white, not black. The counter will hit zero when it's time to replace the film. Otherwise, NEVER OPEN THE FILM DOOR! Have with your instant camera!

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