Introduction: How to Make 3D Tree Ornaments for Christmas

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If you want to make something different for this tree this year, try making these 3D ornaments for your tree.

You can easily turn them around to give your tree a whole new look.

You can make these out of paper or card, or even print the shapes directly onto card and decorate them before you cut them out.

I've only used recyclable/compostable materials in this tutorial but you can use whatever you wish.


You will need

  • Paper/Card
  • Pencil
  • Protractor (if drawing star)
  • Compass
  • Ruler
  • Colours
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • String

You can also download and print the template if you don't want to draw the shapes from scratch.

Step 1: Draw Out the Shapes

* If you do not want to draw the shapes, you can print the template included *

You can draw any shapes you wish as long as they are symmetrical.

If you want to draw a star:

  1. Draw a small X in the middle and draw a circle with your compass on the centre of the X. You can make it any size you wish.
  2. Place your protractor in the middle of the X
  3. Make a mark every 72 degrees
  4. Place a ruler in line with the centre and one of the marks
  5. Make a mark on the circle where it intersects
  6. Join up the marks to form a star shape

You can also fold some paper in half, draw half the star. Cut it out and unfold to get a full star shape. However it will probably not be a perfect star but it will be symmetrical.

If you want to draw a Christmas tree

Fold paper in half, draw half the tree shape (don't forget to draw the pot). Cut it out and unfold to get a whole Christmas tree.

Trace around your shape two more times so that you have three altogether.

Step 2: Decorate!

Decorate your shapes however you wish to.

Only decorate them on one side of the paper/card.

Once done, cut out the remaining shapes.

Step 3: Stick It Together

Fold all your shapes in half.

Apply glue to the back of one half of your shape.

Stick half of the other shape to the glued side.

Apply glue to the remaining sides and stick the last shape on.

Step 4: Add the String

Make a hole at the top of your shape using your compass or a sharp pencil. Be careful!

Thread the string through and tie the ends together.

Hang it up on your Christmas tree!