Introduction: How to Make ART CLOCK

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It takes me about 1 week to make this clock. In order to gain meaning for the project, i want to share the works to you, hope it can help you if you intend to make same one

Beside watching hour as usual clock, this clock can be used to decorate our home, or working place

Let's see how it made!

Watch the video to see each step making ART CLOCK:

Step 1: Make Design With Corel Draw Software

I use software Corel Draw to draw the clock with exact dimension. The sofware helps me to imagine how the clock looks before I make it.

After complete the design, I re-arrange each layer to prepare for cutting

If you like this design, you can download it here (, then print out to make your own this clock

Step 2: Cut Each Layer by Laser Cnc Machine

I use MDF wood 3mm thickness to make the clock. Then using laser cnc machine to cut it as design file in step 1

Laser cnc machine will help to cut in exact dimension as drawing. If you don't have cnc machine, then you can cut it by hand with jigsaw

Step 3: Install Each Layer Together

After cutting, the MDF wood will have burnt mark at the edge, so we should clean it by wet cloths

Then, we glue each part together as in design file

Step 4: Install Clock Machine

The clock machine can be easily found on market, or you can take it from an old clock

Then, we install clock machine into frame as in step 3. And final step is to install the needles

That's it! It is easy to make a beauty and unique art clock, right? Now you can design and make your own a clock for yourself, or for others as a gift

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