Introduction: How to Make Arduino Calculator With LCD Display

In this post, I tried to make an Arduino Calculator very easily using Arduino Uno R3. The values can be sent in through a keypad (4×4 keypad) and the result can be viewed on an LCD screen. This calculator could perform simple operations like Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division with whole numbers. But once you understand the concept you can implement even scientific functions with Arduino’s built-in functions.


  1. Arduino Uno R3
  2. Numpad attachment
  3. Potentiometer
  4. LCD Display
  5. Jumper Wires
  6. Power Supply

Step 1: Collect All the Components

First of all, collect all the components as per requirements.

Step 2: Installation Library

As told earlier we are going to interface an LCD and keypad with Arduino using libraries. So let’s add them to our Arduino IDE first. The library for LCD is already included in your Arduino by default so we need not worry about it. For the Keypad library ( click on the link to download it from Github). You will get a ZIP file, then add this lib to Arduino by Sketch -> Include Library -> Add.ZIP file and point the location to this downloaded file. Once done we are all set for programming.

Step 3: Source Code

Step 4: Check Out This Video for Direction to Proceed