Introduction: How to Make Arkham Knight/Red Hoods Pistols

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Hello everybody today i will be showing you how to make arkham knight/red hoods pistols from batman arkham knight game. Please vote for me in the halloween prop contest. Lets get started.

Step 1: Materials.

You will need

Hot glue and hot glue sticks

Thin and thick cardboard

X-acto knife


PVC or marker lids

Reference image/templat

Black and gray spray paint

Step 2: Drawing,cutting and Tracing

To start draw a template using reference images and make sure when you draw the template you draw on all the detail by doing this it will be a lot easier later. Then cut out the template and trace it on to thick cardboard four times so you have two pairs of pistol cutouts.

Step 3: Bordering and Filling

Cut a strip of cardboard long enough to go around the gun and as wide as you want your gun thick. Don't worry if it's not long enough. Just use multiple pieces and make sure you leave space for the trigger and where the top slide meets with the handle something like a popsicle stick or a pencil to strengthen the handle area.If you want a barrel cut out a slot big enough for a piece of PVC or a marker lid. Look in the picture for reference for filling. When your done put the other side of the cutout and glue it on.

Step 4: Detail

So if you drew on all the detail on your template just cut out the detail you see in your reference image, or in the picture above. so if you are like me, and did not save your template, or tossed it out then look in the picture and draw out the detail and put it, on to cardboard. Cut it out, and glue it on the gun.

Step 5: Painting

So give the grips, and gun 1 to 2 coats of black paint then a coat of grayish paint. My paint is obviously not gray so i had to darken it by using watered down black paint and black spray paint on a rag.

Step 6: Done!

After painting glue the grips on, and your done! Please vote for me, and consider fallowing me. thanks bye.

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