Introduction: How to Make a Quick Short Sword

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Hey whats up people!, today I will show you how to make a short sword. This is a fairly quick build, it could take maybe an hour to build. you could use this for a kinda last minute prop for a costume. Please vote for me in the Halloween contest. Lets get started!

Step 1: Materials

  • A piece of wood. I got mine from an unfinished sword.
  • Sandpaper
  • Pencil, sharpie, or pen
  • Spray paint. I used gold and black.
  • Box cutter or x-acto knife
  • Jig saw, scroll saw, or coping saw. I used a scroll saw.
  • Twine, paracord, or some type of string.

Step 2: Draw the Design on the Wood, and Cut It.

Draw the design on to the wood, and cut it out with a jig saw, scroll saw, or coping saw. After cutting it out sand it smooth and this is optional but you can add a bevel. You can do this a few ways, you can use a knife and cut along the edge of the sword at an angle. If you have a belt sander or rotary tool you can just sand along the edge at an angle. Using a belt sander is the fastest way for me.

Step 3: Paint and Detail.

Paint your sword whatever color you want, and let it dry. After it is dry take some twine or paracord and wrap the handle. You can get fancy with this and do some cool wrap like the katana, but I just did a simple wrap. When thats done, you could just end there, but i'm going to make it look a little distressed, like its seen some action. I achieved this by getting some red acrylic paint and lightly going over the sword. Once done with that I used black spray paint and lightly dusted the sword and darked the twine on the handle.

Step 4: Done!

After weathering or you could just leave it shiny and new looking you are done. You can use it for a costume or just to hang on wall! Please vote for me in the Halloween contest and favorite and follow. Thanks and see you later!

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