Introduction: How to Make Bracelets Using Yarn

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These bracelets are great for passing time in a car or plane, This project doesn't require much experience, so its perfect for beginners, but it looks professional!

Make them in different colors for the Holidays; Red and green for Christmas, Pink and yellow for Easter, Red or pink for Valentine's Day, Green for St. Patrick's Day, Orange and Brown for Thanksgiving, and Muticolored for New Year's.

Have fun!!!

Step 1: Preparing

For this project, use medium (worsted) yarn, and pick out three colors of your choice (In this case: Blue, Purple and Pink) .

Step 2: Cutting

Take your yarn and cut a 140 cm string. Do the same for the others.

Step 3: Tying

Fold all the yarn in half, then tie a knot. To keep the yarn steady while weaving, bring a safety pin through the loop and attach to a sturdy place, or tape to a book and keep it on your lap.

Step 4: Pattern

Now, you should have 6 strings below the knot. Arrange these into a pattern of your choice. (Blue, Pink, Purple, Blue, Pink, Purple for us)

Step 5: Weaving

Now that you have your pattern, take the outermost thread (Blue) and the one next to it (Pink) and make a four (4), with the pink being a straight line and the blue being a triangle.

Step 6: Knotting

Bring the blue tread under the pink one and pull it up, making a knot. Do this again and move on to the next thread (Purple) .

Step 7: Repeat

Keep doing this with all the 6 threads until you have reached the last thread. Then, repeat Step 5-6 until the bracelet is your desired size.

Step 8: Finishing

When your bracelet is done, tie a knot with all the threads of yarn and cut them all of except for one. Do the same with the top part. To wear this, just tie the leftover thread to the other.

Congratulations!! You Just finished your bracelet!!

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