Introduction: How to Make Cardboard Cave for Your Cat

D.I.Y. cat cave made from cardboard. I guarantee you that your cat will love it and will be much comfortable in there as long its dark and warm


- Several large piece of cardboard

- Blade or scissor

- Pencil/sharpie

- Using your cat for measurement instead of ruler

- Wood glue is better for cardboard

- Paintbrush (optional) to spread the glue

Step 1: Gathering Supplies

- Make sure you get the largest cardboard you have so you don't run out.

- Get paintbrush to spread glue (optional)

- Blade or scissor to cut the cardboard

- Wood glue is better

- Use either pencil or sharpie depend on if you can see the line

- Either use ruler or your cat

Step 2: Measurement and Drawing

Get the biggest piece of cardboard you got and use your cat in middle and then add about 3 inches on each side and then you got your size for cave. and then draw them in oval shape. Make sure you make many same size and then other 7 pieces 3/4 inch smaller and on to make it almost like dome.

Step 3: Cutting and Gluing

When you get your drawing done. Cut them using either scissor or blade and then use wood glue and brush(optional) and apply thin layer of glue and stack them up together.

Step 4: Continuing Glue and Stacking It Up

Keep cutting up the pieces and stack them up with glue until you get to your desire height and then put another huge slab on top to cover it up.

Step 5: Decorate or Leave It As It Is

Optional is blanket or thin cushion and hope your cat will go in there to enjoy it.

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