Introduction: How to Make Cardboard Desk Organizer

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Hi everyone ! hope you all doing good. i think Quarantine days making us to be more creative :D i saw many awesome creations here. so happy to see your projects. keep it up :D i would like to thanks our admins of INSTRUCTABLES.COM for making this platform for creative people. It's a great chance to see loads of projects around the world in a one place :D

Today i'm going to share one of my creations, Desk Organizer made by cardboard. very easy to make, i think kids will love this :D you can try this for school works too. okay ! here we go !


Cardboard box (harder)
colour papers, shiny papers for decorations
pen or pencil
measuring tape
2 covered buttons or any other stuff which can be used as handles

Step 1: Step 1

1. first take the box and cut the extra pieces, and keep the extra pieces aside, as we need them later.
2. now cut the front piece fully. (shown in the last pic)

Step 2: Step 2

1. now mark and cut small curves in the 2 corners.
2. keep 1 inch gap (according to your box's measurement) and draw a horizontal line
3. mark 3 inches gap middle of the Horizontal line and mark 1x3 inches rectangle shape to make 2 hand carriers in the both sides. cut it and make the rectangle shape wholes in both sides. (this is to use as hand carriers)
4. now take the colour Papers and paste on the box

Step 3: Step 3

1. Now take the extra pieces which kept aside before, we can use this to make dividers for this organizer. first we make the 1st horizontal divider
2. take 2 pieces of cardboard and paste together to make it harder, so we can keep more stuff on it
3. wrap with colour paper and paste it.
4. now paste the wrapped divider in the box and you can see the last picture, how i pasted it.

Step 4: Step 4

1. we need 2 more dividers for bottom part. to make these dividers, measure the box as shown this pictures.(height, width, length)
2. according to your box's measurements, cut 2 more pieces cardboard and wrap it with colour paper and paste it
3. then use these 2 dividers for bottom part as shown in the last picture above. mark the places before apply the glue and then paste the dividers. it will be easy and gives a neat work.

Step 5: Step 5

i used the middle part for small 2 drawers and rest for just to close with small doors. to make this drawers we need one more small divider for the middle part as shown in this picture.

1. Take measurement of height, length and width and cut a piece of cardboard (please follow step 4) which is suitable for middle part

2 wrap it with colour paper and paste it. now your small divider is ready

3. Now paste the divider in the middle (shown in the pic above)

Step 6: Step 6

1. Now i'm going to make the small doors for this organizer. get the measurement of small doors
2. Mark the measurements and cut the small pieces
3. Now cut the colour paper according to your small doors' measurements but remember to keep extra half inch in the sides.(this extra half inch kept to paste the doors on the organizer) you can get clear idea from the pictures above.
4. now apply glue in the extra half inch and paste it to the organizer. paste from the behind. this will help to push and pull the tiny doors.
5. now paste 2 covered buttons on the tiny doors. you can use it as handles. easy to pull

Step 7: Step 7

1. Then i made the drawers. to make them, first take measurements for drawers.
2. Cut all the pieces as shown in the picture above.
3. Then wrap all the pieces and paste it.
4 To make more attractive, you can use some shiny papers too. i used shiny paper for front part of the drawer.
5. I made 2 small half wholes front part, this is use to open the drawer. (or you can use small buttons or other stuff which can be used as handle to open the drawer)
6 Now set all the pieces as a drawer shape and paste all the edges. leave it to dry
7. When you done with your tiny drawers, inset it to divider and try pull and push.

Step 8: Step 8

1. Now cut a piece of shiny cardboard as shown in the picture.
2. Roll it to cylinder shape and paste the edges
3. Now paste the cylinder on the organizer. you can use it to keep pencils, pens, markers pens.
4. leave it to dry.

Step 9: It's Done

It's done now. you can use it to keep many stuff like stationary. specially, kids will love this and it is very easy to make and easy to learn as well. this will be a great hand work for school :D
we can use our wastage stuff to make this. so i think this is more convenient and low cost hand craft.

hope you enjoyed my article, and hope you loved my creation :D please leave your valuable comments here. if anyone tried this, please share the pictures. can't wait to see them ^_^ thanks for reading my article. have a good day !
stay safe

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