Introduction: Party Frock With Bead Work

About: i'm a professional tailor. i have successfully done with tailoring and embroidery courses in 2006 and i have done additional tailoring course in 2018. i'm a self employed tailor and working since 2006.

Hi everyone. i'm Aysha from Sri lanka. i'm a professional tailor and i'm working since 2006 in this field. i love fashion designing. sewing and hand crafting is my hobby and it is my career path too.

i'm glad to meet you through this website. i'm new to INSTRUCTABLES.COM. and i found this is a great place to share our talents. today i'm going to share one of my creations, Party Frock with Bead work- bow & rose flower. hope you'll enjoy my article :) here we go..

firstly i made a paper block according to body measurement. this is for 4 years old kid.

shoulder 11 inches
neck deep 4.5 Inches
chest 22 inches
shoulder to waist height 10 inches
waist 21 inches
waist to skirt height 14 inches
full height of the frock 24 inches
i made a paper block with tailoring math method according to this body measurement.


cloth materials :- satin/ poplin for inner/soft netmaterial
can can material
paper block
3 different sizes of beads

Step 1: Step : 1 Cuttings

i started with inner cloth (poplin)

1 i attached the paper block with poplin material and i cut the front and back sides. (as shown in the pics)
2 then i attached the paper block to satin material and cut the front and back sides.
3 then i cut the skirt part. to cut this satin skirt, i folded it to crossed side to make it more flayed.
4 for the skirt part, i cut soft net material / poplin for inner & can can material (all these goes with according to measurements)
5 finally i cut the waist band for the front and back parts. i choose silver satin material for this.

Step 2: Stitching the Frock

1. first, i started to stitch the top part of the dress. attached the inner with satin ( front inner to front side satin & back side inner to back side satin)
2 . i attached and stitched the shoulders.
3. then i made a small tiny piping with satin and stitched around the neck. this will give a neat look and i did same for the arm hole as it is a sleeveless dress and i stitched the silver satin band on the waist. then i stitched the both sides of the top.
4. to make the skirt part, we need 4 pieces. i made 4 layers for the skirt part. 1 satin/ 2 soft net / 3 poplin for inner / 4 can can material with fully frills, these 4 layer skirt gives a bushy and bubbly look.
then i attached 4 layers together with dot pins, then i stitched altogether around the waist

5. now the skirt and the top part is ready. then i attached the both with dot pins, again i stitched around the waist, finally i stitched a zip at back side

6. finally i stitched the hem.

frock is done

Step 3: Pasting Beads on the Frock

now the frock is ready to paste the beads. i used 3 different sizes of silver beads. 1st i pasted the smallest beads and then i used little bigger size bead and the then biggest sizes on it. just like the picture above.then left it to dry. chest part is filled with beads and it gives a shiny look on it. .

then pasted on soft net. i used same beads for this too.

Step 4: Making of Bow

i selected silver satin to make the bow.

1 i cut a piece of silver satin according to measurement (18 x 14 inches)
2 then i cut a piece of stiff (9 x 7 inches) and i kept the stiff and satin material together, and ironed it.
3 then i folded to two and stitched the 4 sides and made a rectangle shape. i kept a 2 inches gap when i was stitching the 4 sides (this gap is used to turn the bow to good side) and i made small cut marks around the piece (cut marks used to turn the bow to good side. it will give u more neat work)
4 turned it to good side to make the bow ( as shown in the picture) and ironed it well.
5 folded the ironed piece and i kept pencil marks in the middle. then i gave a hand stitch on it. when u pull up the needle, u will get the perfect bow with gathers. pull it tightly and make more strong stitches at the middle of the bow.
6 then i made a small strap with same silver satin and kept it at the middle of the bow and i stitched by hand needle. bow is ready now

Step 5: Making of Bow Belts

1 cut 2 long belts with material
2 then i stitched the edges and turned it to good sides.
3 ironed it and i attached the both belts behind the bow with hand needle.

finally i'm done with the bow and i attached it to the frock's back, on the waist band. i gave hand stitch for this too.

Step 6: Making of Satin Rose

i choose blue satin for this rose. it gives a perfect look on sliver waist band. To make a rose, first u need to fold the material to cross side and then you mark the measurements.

1 cut the material according to your measurements.
2 then fold it to 2 sides as shown in the pics, and put an over lock stitch at the edge.
3 when you done with the over lock, take a hand needle and give a hand stitch at the edge again (this hand stitch helps to make more frill for the petals)
4 when u done with the hand stitch, slowly pull the thread from right corner to left (as shown in the pic) and get more frills to make the rose petals. now put a strong tag at the left corner.
5 now we are ready to make the rose, take the right corner of the gathered piece and fold it slowly and stitch it by hand needle . fold it again and stitch it again. continue this until the finishing.
6 finally you will get a lovely rose with a shiny satin material.

then i stitched the rose on frock's front waist band.

finally i'm done with the party frock. i'm glad that the little one liked it very much and it suit her perfectly. thank you for reading my article. hope you enjoyed it. and hope you learnt from my article. leave your valuable comments here. i'm so glad to hear from you :) thank you. have a good day !

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