Introduction: How to Make Chocolate Coated Oreos?

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Oreo needs no introduction and when this delicious cookie is coated with some more chocolate and when accessorized with few sprinkles it reaches to another level. Other than that Oreos dipped in chocolate can be prepared for kids’ parties or Christmas etc. They are very versatile. You can use the Oreos of your choice and also embellish the same as per your liking.


  1. 375 g chocolate, roughly chopped or grated
  2. 1 packet Oreo cookies (12 nos.)
  3. A handful of sprinkles

For full recipe, Click here: Chocolate coated Oreos

Step 1:

The recipe calls for very few ingredients. Oreos, good quality chocolate and sprinkles for decoration! And the best part is that each ingredient is customizable and there are options for each of the ingredient.

Step 2:

For Oreos you can choose any amongst the ones available to you. I have taken Original Oreos, Golden Oreos, and Strawberry flavoured Oreos and Chocolate Oreos.

Step 3:

For garnishing I chose my favourite colorful chocolate vermicelli. You can use colored sugar, confetti etc.