Introduction: How to Make DIY 3D Butterfly

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Step 1: Material

You need:

Color computer papers

Glitter sheet




Punch Machine

Step 2: Square Shape of Paper

Take a colorful paper and fold it such that its top edge meets it with the line of paper . Afterwards , cut the rest of the paper piece and we will have a square paper.

Step 3: Folding

Now meet the other edge of paper to another end and we will have lines in a cross.

Step 4: Folding

Then fold the paper in half from both sides and we will get some lines on the paper (as shown in the picture).

Step 5: Giving the Shape

Fold the paper from the center such that we get a triangle of that paper(shown in picture).

Step 6: Cutting

Now cut the open end of the triangle to give a circle shape to the wings of the butterfly.

Step 7: Making the Butterfly

Now fold the butterfly's wing from both sides and take its pointing side to the back of it.

Step 8: Staple It

Now staple the side.

Step 9: Giving 3D Shape

Now with the help of your fingers give the butterfly a 3D look.

Step 10: Pasting Circles

Take a punch machine and cut the glitter sheet into small circles and paste them on butterfly.

Step 11: Beautiful 3D Butterflies

Now beautiful 3D butterflies are ready.