Introduction: How to Make DIY Air Blower at Home Very Easily

In this video, I made an air blower using household items very easily...


  1. Blank CD Pack -
  2. DC motor -
  3. Wires -
  4. Hot Glue Gun -
  5. Cello Tape -
  6. M - Seal -
  7. Araldite -
  8. Stick File -
  9. PVC Pipe -

Step 1: Procedure

  1. First of all, cut the center spindle of the CD box.
  2. Now, make a hole in the center of the box and paste the 12v DC motor.
  3. Take a plastic bottle and divide it into sections and cut it as shown in the video...
  4. Now, take a metal sheet and mark the propellor strips and cut it out.
  5. Paste the strips into the cap with the help of hot glue.
  6. Paste this propellor assembly to the motor spindle.
  7. As shown in the video, use a file to make a cone and paste there.
  8. Secure everything with the help of tapes and a hot glue gun.

Step 2: Air Blower Is Ready...

Step 3: Check Out This Video for Directions...