Introduction: How to Make DIY Terrarium


Glass bowl,thermocol sheet,cement color,cling film, air dry modeling clay,clear epoxy resin,blue pigment,few stone,dried moss,coconut husk, mixture of sand & soil,artificial tree,mini bench,animals,glue..

Step 1: Make Artificial Wall

  1. Take thermocol sheet & cut into required shape.
  2. Take mixture of cement & water .
  3. Put the mixture on themocol .

Step 2: Artificial Pond

  1. Take clear epoxy resin & mix blue pigment .
  2. Pure mixture in a bowl . few hours to leave.
  3. After dried epoxy ,its look like a pond.

Step 3: Arrangement in a Pot

  1. Take jar for terrarium .
  2. Firstly put pieces of thermocol .
  3. Now add mixture of soil & sand.
  4. Then add coconut husk .
  5. Artificial tree is also fix in jar.

Step 4: Final Look

  1. Take dried moss & add it in the jar.
  2. Beautiful terrarium is now ready.
  3. Final pics.

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