Introduction: How to Make Easy Paper Spiral Flower for DIY Projects

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DIY Easy Paper Flower Project for Your Room : Hey crafters! I am back with the easiest paper craft that you can imagine! Have fun and learn how to make easy spiral paper flowers at home. Give your home a splash of colors with these DIY easy Paper flowers. They are the best example of fun paper DIY projects to do at home, and the best part about paper spiral flowers is they are a cool craft and awesome paper craft for kids.

Step 1: Gather Your Craft Supplies!

Making these simple and easy paper spiral flowers is fairly simple and does not require much of expensive craft supplies.

Color Papers





Decorative Glitter

Step 2: Make the Petals.

Take a colored paper and cute out small circles and fold them, like so.

Step 3: Arrange the Flower.

To give the look of a flower start arranging the petals, inserting one inside the other to make a spiral flower.

Step 4: Your Spiral Flower Is Ready!

These lovely looking Pinwheel look a like Paper flowers are a fun craft to do with paper, and can be used for as a craft idea for kids to make. Making this Spiral Paper Flower is a very good art activity for kids. This paper art and craft project will help them develop a creative outlook. Great Idea for Kids Projects! Isn't it?

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