Introduction: How to Make FIFA Penalty Football Board GAME From Cardboard DIY at HOME World Cup 2018

Materials you will need-


-Green velvet paper

-White chart paper

-Wooden sticks

-30cm * 20cm white paper

-Table tennis ball

-White board marker (black)

-Red coloured chart paper

-Unsharpened pencils

-Drilling machine

-Rubber bands

-Foldable cardboard

-Glue gun

-White thread

Step 1: Take a Cardboard Piece of 125cm * 60cm and And Stick the Green Velvet Paper on Top As Shown.

Step 2: Take Cardboard Pieces With Measurements As Shown to Form the Boundaries of the Football Field

Step 3: Make the Football Field Markings Using White Stripes As Shown.

Step 4: Use Cardboard Pieces With Measurements As Shown in the Images, to Form the Audience Stand.

Step 5: Place the Wooden Stick at the Bottom of the White Paper, and Roll the Paper Over the Stick As Shown. Continue the Same Process to Form Sticks of Different Measurements As Given in the Images, and Glue Them Together to Form the Goalpost As Shown.

Step 6: Using the White Board Marker, Give the Table Tennis Ball the Design of a Football.

Step 7: Take a Cardboard Piece in the Shape of an Arrow As Shown, and Cover the Top With Red Paper.

Step 8: Take Another Cardboard Piece With Cuttings and Measurements As Shown in the Image. Make 2 Such Pieces and Place Them Over Each Other, and Place Them Both on Top of the Arrow Shaped Piece.

Step 9: Place Cardboard Pieces and Foldable Cardboard As Shown in the Following Images. Now, Place the Pencils As Shown.

Step 10: Make Markings on the Pencils As Shown. Using the Drilling Machine, Make Holes on These Markings.

Step 11: Insert Wooden Sticks in These Holes As Shown. Place the Pencils Back in the Grooves. Now, Insert Wooden Sticks in the Cardboard As Shown.

Step 12: Now, Place the Rubber Bands Stretched Over the Wooden Sticks As Shown.

Step 13: Using Drilling Machine, Drill a Hole in the Cardboards As Shown. Now, Place a Piece of Pencil in the Hole Made on the Field and Then Place the Arrow Shaped Cardboard As Shown.

Step 14: Make a Cardboard Player to Be the Penalty Kick Taker, and Place It As Shown.

Step 15: Take a Foldable Cardboard Piece of 35 Cm, and Roll It Over 3 Cardboard Pieces of 4.5 Cm Diameter As Shown.

Step 16: Make a Hole of the Same Diameter in the Cardboard Behind the Goalpost, and Insert the Foldable Cardboard Piece As Shown.

Step 17: Make a Cardboard Player to Be the Goalkeeper, and Glue It to the Foldable Cardboard As Shown. Insert a Piece of Stick Behind the Cardboard As Shown, Which Can Be Used As a Handle.

Step 18: Use Thread to Form the Net of the Goalpost. Your Penalty Shootout Game Is Ready!

Step 19: Watch the Video for a Detailed Tutorial!