Introduction: How to Make a Pencil Sharpener Dispenser Machine From Cardboard DIY at HOME

Materials you will need:

- Cardboard

- Cutter

- Glue Gun

- Wooden sticks

-Super glue

- Rubber bands

- Sharpener

- Pencils

- Bottle cap

- Tape

Step 1: Make the Following Cardboard Cutouts and Stick Them As Shown.

Step 2: Take Cardboard Pieces of 20cm*7cm and 20cm*2cm Are Place Them As Shown. Take Another Cardboard Piece of 20cm*7cm and Place It As Shown.

Step 3: Make the Following Cardboard Cutouts and Stick Them Together As Shown. the Gap in Between Allows One Pencil to Pass at a Time. Place This Entire Piece As Shown.

Step 4: Take 2 Cardboard Pieces of 3cm*1cm and Place Them in the Corners As Shown.Make Holes in Front of Both These Pieces by a Pencil, As Shown. Insert a Small Wooden Stick in Each of These Holes and Apply Super Glue.

Step 5: Take a 18cm*6cm Cardboard Piece, and Make a 2cm Marking on Either Side. Insert This Piece As Shown, But Not Completely. Keep 2cm Outside the Boundary.

Step 6: Make Holes on Both Sides on the Markings, As Shown, Insert Small Wooden Sticks in Both, and Apply Super Glue. Now, Attach the Rubber Bands As Shown.

Step 7: Use Cardboard Pieces to Cover the Dispenser As Shown.

Step 8: Take a Cardboard Piece of 21cm*21cm, and Stick Cardboard Pieces of 21cm*2cm on Either Side As Shown. Now, Place the Entire Dispenser on the Above Piece, As Shown.

Step 9: Take a Cardboard Piece of 8cm*11cm and Glue It to the Dispenser As Shown

Step 10: Take a Cardboard Piece of 5cm*6cm, and Glue the Sharpener to It As Shown. Take Cardboard Pieces of 5cm*8cm and 5.5cm*7.5cm Respectively, Glue It to the Above Piece, and Place the Entire Piece on the Dispenser As Shown.

Step 11: Make a Small Cardboard Case to the Left Side of the Above Piece, As Shown. It Can Be Used to Keep Erasers.

Step 12: Make Another Cardboard Case to Be Inserted in the Space Below the Sharpener, As Shown.

Step 13: Take a Cardboard Piece of 21cm*2.5cm, and Place It on Top of the Dispenser As Shown. Apply Tape As Shown. It Will Act As a Lid for the Dispenser.

Step 14: Label the Dispenser As Desired and It Is Ready for Use.

Step 15: Watch the Video for a Detailed Tutorial !

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